Artwork Price Range: $1,500 - $5,000

​Reed began his current body of work in late 2016. These paintings employ two strategies. First, a still-life is assembled from a small group of objects, of which animal remains, found in the forests near Reed’s home, feature prominently. These objects are arranged and framed in
the paintings such that the perceived (or projected) personalities of the subjects are reinforced, and semi-theatrical backdrops and lighting enhance the effect. The broad cartoonishness of the perceived subject often lends the arrangements a note of humor, the tone of which is darkened when the context reasserts itself after the initial impression.

The paintings are then executed using a traditional oil painting technique of layered glazes which is subverted by the use of bright, saturated, and fauvist color schemes. The artificiality of the colors denies the illusion asserted by the traditionalist under-painting and drag the image back toward the picture plane. The resulting pictures oscillate delicately between classical and contemporary, practiced and naive, still-life and portraiture, severity and ridiculousness.

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