Artwork Price Range: $500 - $5,000

Alongside his 10-year practice as a photographer, ALEXYP has realized a body of work as a creative director, guest artist, art

collector/collaborator, actor, and entrepreneur. In 2005, at the request of his clients to provide full creative direction services, he formed ALEXP & PLACE2KISS which today is a growing artistic, feel-good project that allows ALEXYP to realize the breadth of his creative output. Born in Paris in 1972 to a traditional Catholic family, remote from the worlds of photography ALEXYP moved from Paris to Miami in 2005. It was during that time that he made his first attempts as a photographer, inspired by how photography masters documented moments of society and its times: 

ALEXYP's work is an artistic vocabulary that transgresses genders, mixes masculinity and femininity and suggests sensuality rather than sexuality. His subjects appear confidently alive; he captures their energy by creating an openness and intimacy with them. Known for the extraordinary way in which he can capture the most private of moments, ALEXYP's spontaneous, intimate landscapes & portraits offer the viewer new perspectives on famous cities and faces, often establishing new ways to view the subjects at hand. One of ALEXYP ’s signature style is the photography manipulation which has lead to the creation of the “Little Planets” series that has taken on the world by storm.

His works have been presented at galleries such as Ricard Gallery Wynwood Miami, the Azur Space Huston, the Sagamore Art hotel in Miami, the Blanca Canvas Miami and Pavilion France. His growing personal collection of artworks ranging from photography, painting, and sculptures has also been the subject of his creative growth. ALEXYP’s relationship with fine art developed after frequent visits to galleries and many travel trips. He said: “Just as photography is a vehicle for me to live a new moment, to go to a new place, meet a new person and so on, art is a process of encounter and discovery. The display of art for me is not just about seeing the work isolated in a white cube. It’s also about engaging with the art – and sometimes the subject at hand– to make something new.” Photography is never static. It is something to be appreciated and collected as fragments that make up a greater mental library: a library that is in constant flow.


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