Artwork Price Range: $500 - $2,500

Amir Bahar’s powerful abstract paintings originate from a past pervaded with war and revolution in his home country of Iran. As a young man growing up in a society engulfed in suffering, Bahar looked to the stars for inspiration, the seemingly infinite universe giving him solace. 


Now as a part of Bahar’s creative pursuit, astronomical enlightenment and enduring fortitude are reoccurring themes. Epitomizing these themes is his piece ‘Galaxy’ (2016) with a dark background representing his despondent past and then a blurring spiral of stellar color and hope erupting into the foreground. 

Bahar utilizes the dark and light elements to further illustrate the contrasting topics of suffering and hope. Moreover, he stresses aspects of his paintings with white accentuations to symbolize paradise, a subject synonymous with the color white in his native country. Bahar’s intriguing combination of vibrant colors, emotionally charged compositions and cultural undertones makes for passionate and energetic works of art. 



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