Artwork Price Range: $2,000 - $6,000

Amy Miller's paintings are an exposition of herself as an artist as well as a communicative link for the viewer to visualize their own interior emotions, which Miller describes as 'arts purpose.' 

Miller's themes involve naturalistic formations reminiscent of earth, water, and sky; the elements which remain constant throughout time. Her work carries on an archaic tradition of raw human expression, cementing our current experience as part of the continuum of human history and Earth's transformation. Miller states, "Fossils are windows from the past, harbingers of the future. We will all be part of a cycle of extinction and rebirth."

Miller's work is heterogeneous in nature, combining acrylics, oils, nail enamels, and pen and ink as a reference to her own artistic history. In removing the nail enamels from their original context she "dematerializes" them to create them as a new format. The materials are not asserting their separate identities, but combining to create a new unified whole.

Amy Miller is based in New York and Florida. Educated at the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan, she has been a working artist since 1980. Her work has been published "Making History: Bushwick", an examination of the current art scene in Brooklyn, New York. She has incorporated all of her past visual vocabularies (including a decade spent creating French tapestry illustrations for an International and National market) into a collective expression of her artistic vision. She is presently experimenting with multimedia techniques to create a new language for her work.


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