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"I am intrigued by the concept of the “throwaway society” in which the spirits of objects are lost, yet still intertwined with memories. Objects of desire, collectibles from one’s lifetime create wonderful memorabilia. These items are not appreciated as much as they used to be; a “we must have the latest” notion is thrown at us constantly through today’s technology. The essence of our ancestral history, hidden in these objects, slowly slips away through generations. Looking at my British heritage, I find that I am fascinated by my culture, an amalgamation of many that intertwine creating a richness that should be celebrated. We must work to preserve both our cultural heritage and family history. Our past, after all, is as important as our future and it often leads the way.

My mosaic art is inspired by this sentiment. I start with a frame, which could be a gilded gold Florentine frame from mid-18
th Century. I collect a variety of antiques and other collectibles that were once cherished and loved. Some are very tactile, unusual or quirky. I may have a theme, but whatever I decide to create, I concentrate on composition. Some of these items, like plates and cups, are purposely broken; others are incorporated as they are. Yet what is so fascinating when I break a plate or object d’art is that I never know what will happen as the breakage dictates where it will be placed in the final composition.


Just as preserving the environment for future generations is vital to Ann, so is preserving our history. For this reason, she sources materials for her mosaics and sculptures from local charity and antique shops. These items are re-used, re-appreciated and re-invigorated with new purpose and meaning and become snippets of stories pieced together for the viewer to interpret."


Ann is currently based in London where she works from her studio within the eccentric community of artists on Eel Pie Island, surrounded by birdsong and the River Thames. 


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