Barbara Krupp’s works are wonderfully colorful containing whimsical brushstrokes over meticulously structured compositions. The flowing nature of Krupp’s landscape and floral abstractions place a focus on the atmospheric spaces between the forms to create a dialogue of serenity and balance. Organic shapes breath life in the intimate depth, circulating in the background of ochre-tinted atmospheric mist. Meanwhile, the passion in the spontaneity of Krupp’s floral imagery unveils the intelligent and tranquil overtone of the work.

Barbara Krupp has exhibited extensively throughout South Florida and the Mid-west since 2006. She has had memorable solo exhibitions at the Garrett Art Museum and the Canton Museum of Art. Her works are also included in Public and Corporate collections including the Disney Collection (Orlando, FL), the Five Points Building (Sarasota, FL), Key Bank (Ohio) and the Hotel Adler (Stuttgart, Germany).



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Artwork Price Range: $5,000 - $15,000

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