Artwork Price Range: $500 - $4,500

Bogdan's artwork has a deep understanding of biomorphic forms and organic movement. His color palette is comprised of mainly earth tones. Bogdan attempts to use colors that 'love each other.' His use of multiple media and acrylics, as well as sculpture and bronze, is a testament to his adventurous approach to his work.

Bogdan describes his creative process as, "a kind of a stream of information that passes through the artist as if through a portal. When the portal is open for me, I start to create. The information flows, time is not enough, and I often paint several pictures simultaneously." Bogdan is often asked whether the artist or the sculptor in him prevail. He states, "It usually turns out that after a long period of painting I start to feel depleted and at that point, I know that it’s time to create a sculpture. These cycles have been repeating for all my life."

Bogdan Dyulgerov was born in 1965 in the town of Sliven, Bulgaria. Bogdan Dyulgerov has been painting since childhood. His interest in sculpture began during his high school years. Since 2008 Bogdan Dyulgerov has been living and working in Malta.

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