Artwork Price Range: $2,500 - $8,000

Born in 1948 in the USA, Maryland artist Carol Carpenter has pursued an extensive art career in painting with a devotion to teaching art.  A graduate of Antioch University with a dual major in Art and Psychology, she paints in the style of Abstract Expressionism.  She is an award-winning artist who has exhibited her paintings in galleries and museums worldwide. 

Inspired by the modern art movement, Carol is an intuitive painter fascinated by the mystery, beauty and power in nature.  She enjoys exploring, abstracting and reinventing familiar forms found in naturally occurring phenomena to create new images that enhance the awareness and stimulate the imagination of the viewer.  She employs multi-media techniques in oil, watercolor and acrylic paint using color to transmit perceptions, meaning and emotion.  Color is Carol's tool of passion and conveys the primary theme of her work: balancing imagination and reality.


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