Artwork Price Range: $2,500 - $40,000

Dr. Boris Shpeizman was born in St. Petersburg, Russia. At the age of 17, he began studying dentistry at the St. Petersburg Medical School, where he subsequently became an activist for democracy, human rights and rights of Soviet Jews to immigrate to Israel. Because of his political activities, Shpeizman was at risk for arrest. When the opportunity arose after political changes in Soviet Union, he immigrated to Israel. After a few years of working as a dentist in Israel, Boris Shpeizman started to draw, paint and then tried sculpture. He studied ceramics and glass design at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and received his Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2005. Upon graduation, Shpeizman closed his dental clinic to devote his time to glass blowing. Shpeizman currently lectures at the Bezalel Academy in Jerusalem and Visiting Professor in University of Veliko Turnovo, Bulgaria. He also works as an independent artist in his co-owned Glass Blowing “Gstudio Art” in Tel Aviv.

During his relatively short career as a glass artist, Shpeizman has received prestigious, international scholarships from the Pilchuck Glass School and the Creative Glass Center of America Fellowship. His work has been exhibited in galleries and museums in Israel, UK, Germany, France, Belgium, Denmark, Spain, Bulgaria, Czech Republic and the United States.


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