Artwork Price Range: $1,000 - $4,000

David Rubinson's work is focused on the structures, patterns and metaphors that emerge from the manipulations of geometry and light. These emergent natural structures of form and energy David refer to as Effulgent Geometries. The rich detail of the images is a result of the computer simulation of the physical characteristics of the objects used (glass, metal, liquid, etc.) as well as the play of their interactions with each other and light. By pattern, cadence and symmetry, a certain resonance or frequency emerges, the intention of which is to express an ideal of harmony and wholeness. 

David has won numerous awards including the Best in Show Under 5 Minutes at the ëTransitioní, DAMAH Film Festival in Seattle Museum of Art and has exhibited his new media work at such venues as the Los Angeles Center for Digital Art as part of the LACDA Salon Show. He has also exhibited with the Iva Smith Gallery of Art in Hammond, NY

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