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Deborah Falls has always been drawn to the natural world. She is fascinated by the variation and beauty of botanical life and the power these plants have to create feelings of joy, wonder or contemplation. She attempts to recreate these feelings in her paintings. Deborah’s background is primarily in printmaking, drawing and painting. She is self taught in the art of silk and silk dyes, something she discovered when spending a short time in fabric design early in her artistic career. Years later, when she had her first garden, she saw a perfect connection to convey the plant life with the silk and dyes.

When creating a piece, Deborah employs a self developed process, painting on hand woven Indian dupioni with fiber reactive silk dyes. She uses both traditional dry brush and airbrush techniques to apply the dyes.  The dyes are steamed into the silk where upon they are bonded into the fibers. This results in a luminosity and richness of color. She repeats this process multiple times until the depth of color and detail is achieved. 

Deborah Falls is a Gold Award winner recipient from the Smithsonian Craft Show. She has also exhibited in prestigious fine art galleries such as the Paul Fisher Gallery in West Palm Beach, Florida that traces its roots to such renowned artists as Dale Chihuly. Deborah has corporate collections in an array of well respected hospitals across the Northeast United States.  

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