Artwork Price Range: $1000 - $5000

There is an underlying experimentation to Dominika Golab's artwork involving a develop in media, style and color. Dominika has a passion for aesthetics, design and beauty. She takes a traditional approach to painting, following in the footsteps of the great Renoir, with a desire to create ‘pleasant, cheerful, and pretty’ works to breath fresh air into the over-conceptualized landscape of the art world. Her 'Insta' Series epitomizes this idea. Yet she doesn’t believe soulful pleasure should be at odds with intellectual contemplation. As with her creative process, there is a layering process in both in the creation and observation of a piece, allowing for self-discovery and euphoria.

Dominika graduated from the Krakow University of Technology in Poland in 2009. She has been involved in design, architecture, fashion and art since graduating, collaborating with the clothing line Answear in 2013. She has held solo exhibitions in both Warsaw and Krakow since 2011. 


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