Artwork Price Range: $350 - $3,500

D.R. Jones has a bold style that is full of mysticism and wonder. His work contains colliding cultural identities, merging into a hybrid voyage of exploration. There is an undeniable reference to the great Southwest of the United States, exemplified through frontier references and agrestic imagery. Yet Jones also draws on his appreciation of fabled ancient Native American heritage. The combination of these themes creates a stirring undertone to his work that gives it context and significance; a connection to the ancestral past of the region.  


There are observable influences in Jones’ work, especially with regards to the strong, bright colors similar to that of the Fauvist artists of the early 20th century such as André Derain. Jones' creative direction has also been heavily guided by his studies of 20th century Expressionism. With Jones’ current work, his goal is to honor the Expressionist tradition by distorting his own surroundings of the American Southwest and evoke a style rich with symbolism, curiosity, and inspiration.  

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