Artwork Price Range: $2,500 - $17,500

Eric Lee is a self-taught artist, having developed a unprecedented technique of back painted glass artworks. By sealing an airtight backing on his glass canvases, his works are immune to moisture and over-exposure of light. Moreover, Lee's countless years spent working in architectural design firms has helped develop a keen eye for aesthetic balance and fluidity. 

A central theme to Eric Lee's work is transitions and color blending, and it is a reflection of his philosophy on life. Whether it be combining colors and materials, or different cultures and creeds, the ability and willingness to connect eventually proves to be one of the inherent beauties of our world. 

Eric Lee's uninhibited approach to his work and life is undeniably energizing and thought-provoking, while his innovative techniques challenge the Art World's preconception of 'glass art.'     

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