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Gayle Lorraine’s paintings can be described as a subconscious healing. Lorraine’s abstract expressionist technique has come about from personal rebuilding; a journey of suffering, grief, acceptance and hope. As a therapeutic necessity and cultural embrace, her artwork took a new direction after Lorraine’s traumatic experience witnessing the life she knew and loved, consumed by the Butte wildfire of 2015. The Wildfire destroyed her home and studio along with over 900 other structures and set ablaze 70,000 acres of the Northern California landscape. 


Gayle Lorraine’s past makes for emotionally charged works that take a life of their own, as she claims that she is simply an instrument in the creative process, an extension of the palette knife. Putting her meditative process to the side for the moment, her conscious choice to use a monochromatic color scheme should not be overlooked as that transition was a defining moment in her artistic career. The piece ‘Inside your Head,’ in May 2014 was a turning point of enlightenment to discover the limitless spectrum between ‘Ivory Black’ and ‘Titanium White.’ This dichotomy is a clear indication of the balancing principle that is the undertone of Lorraine’s impromptu approach of humility and clarity. Furthermore, her free-flowing palette knife etchings give each piece depth, transcribing a symbolic language that she trusts the viewer to understand into a message only known to them. 


Lorraine has exhibited her work in New York, Tokyo, Paris and other major cities across the globe. Her work was included in the finalist award ceremony at Art Olympia 2015 in Tokyo. She currently works out of her new studio in a small mountain town in California's historic Gold Country. 

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