Artwork Price Range: $1,000 - $2,500

Glenn Stanton is a British figurative watercolor painter. He studied fine art at the University of Brighton, specializing in 3D and sculpture. However, in the last two years, his practice has taken a dramatic shift, redirecting his creative focus toward painting the female nude. He has exhibited his figurative paintings both locally and internationally, displaying most recently in Soho, New York.

Glenn uses Holbein Watercolour paints on handmade paper that’s been sustainably sourced, imported from India. His custom frames are built from oak wood.

Glenn’s paintings focus on the myriad of emotions that lie in the resting human form, and the subtle expressions that are often overlooked whilst in this state. His aim is to capture all of these discreet emotions, textures, and imperfections in a similarly subtle way; deliberately concealing the face. To help achieve this, he utilizes a very muted palette of paint, highlighting specific focal points of expression, leaving the rest of the body to fade away into pencil. Because of this, his figures will often look half-finished or ghostly; further emphasizing the fragility and impermanence of our bodies.

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