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Jan Knox paints her love of Nature influenced by her training as a geologist and her many travels. She creates contemporary abstractions in vibrant colors using watercolor, acrylic, ink and collage. Her contemporary abstractions are nonfigurative and nonrepresentational. She creates shapes or forms, with color and line in a cohesive presentation. The artwork may recall natural forms, memories of a visit to a special place or capture an emotion from its mix of shapes or the use of color.

In 1970, Jan started her career as a fine artist by taking drawing, and perspective at the Texas School of Fine Arts in Austin, Texas, under the direction of Charles Berkley Norman.  In 1980, she switched media to pen and ink, and watercolor.  Working in pen, ink and brush, Jan did fifteen illustrations for a poetry book, Dreams, Reality and other Madness, published by Acorn Press.  She has been working in watercolor for over 20 years. Currently Jan Knox works in mixed media and experiments with inks, acrylics, colored pencil and collage often combined with watercolor.  


Jan Knox was a founding member of Austin Art Space Gallery and Studios (AAS) cooperative in 2008 in Austin, TX. In 2011, AAS was acquired by Austin Visual Arts Association and Jan continues as a resident artist.

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