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Artwork Price Range: $1,500 - $5000

Landscape artist, J. D. Robinson, uses vivid light and contrasting color to guide her viewers on an intimate journey of her local, British Columbian environment. Robinson’s work is realistic, yet her focus on contrast lends a surreal element to her acrylic portraits of Canadian mountains, reflections, and forests.


Permeating each canvas is her belief that light is an infinitely creative force that plays on landscapes; it’s constantly shifting and revealing a new perspective on a familiar place. Self-taught, Robinson began painting to express her personal and family connection to the mountains, a connection that was initially established through rock climbing, hiking, skiing, and a rural childhood. In this age of urbanization with a growing need to advocate for our environment, Robinson’s bold portrayals of her local landscapes encourage appreciation and respect for these natural places. 

“A Waving Dance,” and, “Together,” are two of a series of paintings Robinson has created that explores the diverse life of trees in British Columbia. This collection of paintings portrays forests of white birch, ancient cedar, golden larch, arbutus, and snowy alpine evergreens. In one word, Robinson describes her time spent in the woods as, “rejuvenating.” From the shifting dappled light and the warmth of the sun releasing the sweet fragrance of pine, to the deep quiet and grounding stillness, of the woods; the forest is a calming force. 

Robinson recognizes that it is easy to forget the feeling of inspiration she finds in forests when she is at home and too busy with daily life to get outside. Robinson’s goal in creating her forest series is to capture her experience amongst trees with her paint palette, and bring that same feeling of calm and grounding back home, and into the homes of others.

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