Artwork Price Range: $1,500 - $7,500

Jim Grundy’s acrylic paintings on canvas and paper are inspired by the rich and complex patterns and forms found in nature. The compositions are developed using mathematical processes such as symmetry, reflection, and rotation. Over time, the relationship and balance between the color intensity, shape, size and weight of each element crystallize.


Travelling often provides the stimulus for new work. One series of paintings were drawn from the colors and rock formations of the landscapes of the great national parks in Colorado referencing Native American pottery and textiles designs. In the same vein, floor and wall tile patterns, especially from the historic towns of Spain, have provided the catalyst for a series of paintings inspired by the distinctive colors of traditional Spanish houses. Displays of intricate lacework in Bruges shop windows and the experience of seeing the colors and decorations of ancient Egyptian tombs in the Valley of the Kings have also provided a rich source of inspiration. Closer to home, the colors, intricate structures and underlying mathematical order of plants in his London home are a constant source for further exploration.


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