Artwork Price Range: $500 - $5,000

Jim McDonald began painting in 1970. His primary interest has always been landscapes and many will remember his earliest work included old Texas ranch buildings and Mexico village scenes. Those paintings often were created using palette knife and reflected the influence of  internationally recognized artist Jose Vives -Atsara who lived in San Antonio at the time. He has participated in numerous shows and exhibits in Texas and the United States Southwest.


Jim continues to travel each year throughout the Southwest, Rocky Mountain Range, Canada and Mexico, photographing, painting, and sketching scenes that capture his interest.  This provides a large selection of images and plein air studies to use in his home studio near Driftwood, Texas.


With each painting, Jim's goal is to accurately depict the subject while conveying emotional resonance. The result is work that can be impressionistic, yet displays his interest in rigorous classical technique.

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