Artwork Price Range: $10,000 - $50,000

John Robbolino follows in the footsteps of old Roman master sculptors of centuries past such as Benedetto da Rovezzano and Francesco Grassia. He has adopted the ‘Altorilievo’ technique of high relief sculpting while incorporating contemporary design techniques, modern-day materials, and hand-blown glass. The addition of glass is meant to add color and contemporary style to his artworks. The three-dimensional aspect of the work creates considerable depth and monumental significance; meanwhile, Robbolino manipulates the stylization of figurative and floral forms to emphasize aesthetic beauty and exotic sentiment.

John Robbolino’s family emigrated from Italy, Naples, and Calabria, and he was born in Lodi, New Jersey in 1957. He studied Commercial Art and served an apprenticeship and earned the title of Master Pictorial Journeyman for his skilled craftsmanship. More recently, he started his own interior design business in Naples, Florida called Bella Villa Artistry where he handles commissions for large-scale oil paintings and relief style decorative art in luxury homes across South Florida. 



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