Artwork Price Range: $2,500 - $7,500

Lon Brauer channels time-honored painting techniques in his melodious, impressionistic paintings. Brauer’s years spent working with photography explains the realist approach he takes to his work. Yet his extensive experience in the practice of En Plein Air (Open Air) has taught him to embrace spontaneity in order to truly capture the fleeting qualities of the native landscape, most especially the natural light, as in the glistening of the morning dew or the sorbet skyline at sunset.


The seclusion and peacefulness of working in the natural environment breathes a soothing narrative to each piece. Once the fields of color have been manifested, each layer of oil paint is cut at and chiseled; the mark-making essentially blemishing each piece with genuine sentiment. The plasticity of Brauer’s medium then becomes weathered, satisfying the viewer’s desire for serenity. Steidel Fine Art presents all of Lon Brauer's work in the UK as his principal dealer.


Lon Brauer works out of his studio based in Granite City, Missouri, near St. Louis.  

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