Artwork Price Range: $1000 - $5000

Maeva Fouche embraces bold colors, geometric forms, and tuneful inspiration. Maeve is a self-taught artist yet clearly derives influence from the Art Deco period through works from such luminaries as William Van Alen, the architect and designer behind the Chrysler building in New York City. Perhaps it is no surprise then that Maeva’s artistic roots have grown from the Big Apple, where style, architecture, music, and art feeds off each other. There is an undeniable voice to Maeva’s work that boasts both a sleekness and grit, much like the flower that grows through the pavement; a voice the viewer can hear in the work.

Maeva has exhibited extensively throughout New York City since 2014 at such venues as the Harlem Fine Art Show and ArtExpo New York. She has also been included in multiple publications of Upscale Magazine. She has pieces in numerous private collections across the Eastern United States. Maeva currently works out of her studio in Orange, New Jersey. 


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