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Maggie Davies has always maintained an intense relationship with her environment and has dedicated her artistic career to capturing a dynamic response to the setting she’s in. Rather than a mere representation of the external world, Davies offers an analysis of the landscape derived from within herself, drawing on memories, imagination and emotion. 


The nurturing, formative but yet sometimes overwhelming influence of city life is expressed in Davies' latest series “Adventures in the City.” In this recent series, she utilizes geometrical shapes within her composition to emphasize the architectural presence and rigidness synonymous with a city lifestyle. Also, as with the piece “Adventures in the City #1,” Davies incorporates fluid, golden red rings that contrast on the cooling blue silhouette of the city skyline, epitomizing the boiling summer sun on the concrete streets; possibly a nostalgic glimpse at the past. 


After living a large part of her life in Birmingham, Maggie Davies now resides and works out of North Devon, UK. She has been exhibiting her work in solo exhibitions across the UK since 2005. 

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