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Originally from Zafra, Marcos Moreno Pons moved to Seville at the age of 18. After receiving his Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from the University of Sevilla (2001), he moved to Madrid to complete his training in design and advertizing and received a Master’s Degree in Graphic Design from the Centro de Formación C.I.C.E. in Madrid (2003). After more than 10 years in the advertizing industry, Moreno decided to focus more his personal creative career.

His most recent series, titled the KAOS Collection, consists of a total of 65 illustrations depicting from Moreno’s distinctive interpretation of Greek Mythology and the origins of humankind. The series embraces the primordial understanding of the infinite cosmos that depended on gods and elemental forces controlling our existence. In juxtaposing ancient folklore with modern science’s Chaos Theory and Butterfly Effect thesis, Moreno compares the poetry in how we attempt to explain life’s unexplainable origins and events.

Yet in accepting that life has no fixed truths, Moreno depicts a struggle of antagonistic forces. This dichotomic depiction is epitomized through the contrasting color schemes and figurative silhouettes, utilizing positive and negative space. Moreno’s storytelling illustrates humanity’s deepest, most ancient desire to decipher the unknown, but also reveals to us our hidden pleasure of not being responsible for our actions.


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