Artwork Price Range: $800 - $4,000

Maria Boulan was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  She has studied Art at The National Academy School of Fine Arts for the last ten years. Watercolor painting with Susan Shatter, Oil painting with Maurizio Pellegrin, Printmaking under Kathleen Caraccio and Sculpture with unconventional materials with Borinquen Gallo. She has participated in many student exhibitions and obtained First Prize in Printmaking under juried exhibition in 2010 at the Academy's School. Inspired by the colors of Matisse, she created still lives and landscapes, in saturated colors and flat compositions. By 2011 she became an abstract painter using an intense color palette, organic shapes and expressive gestural brushwork. Some critics have pointed out the similarity of her work to Arshyle Gorky's abstraction. 


Since 2014 her work has resulted from a conversation between the two dimensions of the canvas plane and the three dimensions of fabric and wire sculptures suspended in front of empty unprimed canvases. The sculpture shadows projected on the canvas are drawn in graphite and painted in a vivid palette producing abstract shapes that reflect the three-dimensional work. This process of oscillating between two and three dimensions has become the cornerstone of her present work. Current Printmaking has further contributed to clarifying the shapes and brushstrokes that get transformed into three-dimensional clay and ceramic work. So that there are constant communication and feedback between the plane and the spatial works.

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