Artwork Price Range: $600 - $4,000

Mary Granger Welt’s playful and minimalist compositions derive from her influences of fashion and classical music. She has played the viola for the majority of her life; the melodic composure transcends into her painting style. There is also a dedication to color study in her works, exemplified in her Bikini Series. When displayed in pairings and sets, the colors bounce and unify to create a compelling imagery. 


Conveying energy is also fundamental to her works, as she incorporates contrasting brush strokes on the same canvas to express movement, captivating the viewer. This is especially true for Mary’s Ballerina Series. Undoubtably, a feminine undertone lies within all of Mary Granger Welt’s artwork, a femininity free from complacency.  


Mary Granger Welt works out of studio in Grand Island, New York. She was commission by Roswell Park in Buffalo, NY in 2010. She also works closely with interior designers across New York State. 

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