Artwork Price Range: $3,500 - $18,000

Mary Taglieri’s timeless imagery is rooted in spirituality and the love of the natural world. Mary's work is inspired by her personal belief in the healing properties of organic beauty. She is highly aware of the power of the color palette on the mood of each piece and she hopes that the viewer can appreciate a sense of harmony or balance while observing the colors and forms of a particular piece. 

Taglieri is also influenced by her surroundings and it is expressed through her landscape works that reflect an inherent sense of place. As Taglieri is well travelled, her portfolio of art spans the heights of the volatile volcanoes of Hawaii to the depths of the lush Everglades of Florida. More recently, her ‘Birds of Florida’ Collection has been met with widespread admiration for its grace and simplicity. The piece ‘Your Majesty’ epitomizes this dignified and glorious representation. The solid dark green and black background creates a mystifying backdrop for the imposing form of the great egret. 


Mary Taglieri’s artistic career has spanned over 40 years, and she now has private collections around the globe. She currently works out of her studio in Punta Gorda on the Gulf Coast of Florida.   

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