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Peter Mangan is a sculptor who works primarily with glass and metal. The contrasting mediums capture the alternate ends of the emotional and physical spectrum, representing fragility and fortitude, transparency and solidity. Amalgamating this dichotomy is a dominant theme in Mangan’s work which yields an observable communication of self expression. While each of Mangan’s sculptures derive from abstraction and intuition, they are fortified through his carefully planned creative process to evoke a conversation about life’s psychosocial experiences, interaction with the natural world and personal development.


Mangan utilizes an array of techniques including plasma cutting and blacksmithing as well as employing computer-controlled kilns and embracing medieval glass painting methods. The combination of modern processes and old world practices explains the ageless and boundless appearance that Mangan’s works possess. While there are influences of Southwestern art as seen in Mangan’s Thunderbird series and Native American motifs especially in such works as Burning Bush, the indistinguishable origin of Mangan’s work feeds into his theme of culturally transcending knowledge and understanding of life experiences.    


Peter Mangan has been exhibiting his work since the early 1980’s after earning his BA in Fine Arts from The University of Texas, Austin in 1978. He went on to receive his MFA from San Jose State University in 1987 and has enjoyed a vibrant exhibition history for the past 35 years across the San Francisco Bay Area as well as a constant presence in the Texas art scene and international showcases. 


Mangan has also been included in numerous art publications including the San Francisco Examiner Magazine (May 1992, September 1993, December 1995 and May 1997), American Craft Magazine (April/May 1998) and more recently, Austin American Statesman (October 2013). Mangan’s sculptures have been exposed in both public art installations across the USA and is included in private collections internationally. 

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