Artwork Price Range: $500 - $5,000

Phaedra Politis’ ephemeral and graceful glass sculptures create a mythical twist within our overwhelming urban landscape. The delicate glass wings stand in either bath stone or stainless steel, yet float through the translucent glass medium that captures the light to emit vibrant color. No other medium, in Phaedra’s opinion, is as responsive and engaging as glass; balancing calmness, movement and beauty.


Phaedra is inspired by greek mythology; Lepitoptera, the goddess of rebirth in ancient Greece, graced the skies with aerial acrobatics, changing bodily forms to inspire the onlooking humans below. The lifecycle of the butterfly has long inspired artists and scientists alike; the metamorphosis offering an insight into real change and rebirth.  


Phaedra Politis has been working as a glass artist and designer for over ten years. She trained as a glass artist in Bath, England. Experimentation is a fundamental aspect of her work and her growth as an artist. Over the years, she has honed her skills and refined her designs to create an evocative body of work. 

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