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Rodney Durso’s works include acrylic paintings and collages on paper and canvas. Both abstract and nonfigurative, Durso’s work contains pop cultural references, political satire and elements of graphic design. His collage work in particular resembles a modern day ode to the photomontage masterpieces of German Dada artist, Hannah Höch. 


Durso claims his paintings "come out of thin air” and are all some kind of self portraiture involving self reflection and discovery. While his implementation may be spontaneous, Durso's creative inception is the synthesis of a structured method of thinking, organization and storytelling. His avant garde approach allows Durso to embrace an eclectic array of influences, disciplines, themes and styles, all in his attempt to elicit an emotional response to his work. From each scribble, spot, shape and rip, every element is an expression of Durso’s deep connection to each piece and his love for visual art. 


Rodney Durso began his career in advertising and graphic design. He has been exhibiting his artwork since 2006 and has been part of solo and group exhibitions at the James Cohan Gallery and the Gotham Art Gallery in New York, at The High Line Loft in New York, and at Alfa Art Gallery in New Jersey.

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