Artwork Price Range: $2,000 - $6,000

Salem Barker’s career in sculptural art began in early 2007. A body of work developed after a few years of creating objects in wood, solely as a hobby --or even therapy.  Without a background, education, or training in art, the passion was solely an original pursuit.

Salem’s career path had been in the manufacturing and heavy industrial trades, taking him to many countries and fascinating environments. The commitment to availability for emergency service work, as well as a deep interest in manufacturing and technology, held him firmly attached. The stress and involvement of the environments and responsibilities in steel mills, coal mines, power plants, naval vessels, ships, bridges and machine shops was an all-encompassing endeavor. With endless experiential and knowledge gain, including plenty of upward mobility, Salem appeared solidly adhered. Spare time amidst travels was spent delving into personal sketchbooks where a creative outlet for imaginary escape and journaling was found. Without the refinement skills of shading and imitating light, the sketches never quite came to life. The discovery of the ability to sculpt brought these images into the third dimension.

Salem now has art in nearly every state of the country as well as in several other countries. Larger pieces have been installed in private corporate settings in sizes as tall as twelve feet, while most pieces adorn the homes of art lovers. 


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