Artwork Price Range: $2,000 - $6,000

Born in Montreal to a family of Veneto origin, Sandra Morellato had the great privilege to return to Italy as a young child. The lush landscapes and passionate cultural heritage had an enormous impact on Sandra's artistic foundation and ideals of beauty. Now, through her art, Sandra provides an inspirational outlook of the world, full of energy and life.

Having completed her degree in Architecture from McGill University (Montreal, Quebec, Canada), Sandra continued to train in drawing and architectural sketching of landscapes and cityscapes, finding herself often while sitting on a sidewalk to capture the essence of the location. She also dedicated time to attend live model painting sessions.

Sandra Morellato's artworks utilize color to emphasize movement and sentiment. Her use of saturation and sensational colors often create a whimsical composition, immediately transporting the viewer to a marvelous and curious world. Meanwhile, her architectural background adds significant meaning behind every individual impressionist brushstroke, mapping the blueprints of a landscapes' identity or a subject's lifeforce.

Sandra Morellato's artwork can be found in international collections and public spaces. To request more information about Sandra, her collection, or about pricing and availability, use our Contact Form .

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