Artwork Price Range: $2,500 - $6,000

Ursula Schregel's style is full of energy, experimentation and color. She experiments with mixing techniques, both abstract and informal compositions so that chance and intuition become the one impulsive generation. Ursula also creates with overpainting and appyling vivid
colors to conceal layers behind many coats of paint and give the viewer the feeling of discovery.  

As a daughter of a painter Ursula Schregel grew up with art. But she herself did not turn to paint until 2014, then she attended classes taught by a student of the famous german painter Gerhard Richter. Within a short time, she has exhibited in different European countries, the United States and in the Middle East. The worldwide operating french company Ermewa group selected her as 'Artist of the Year 2018’.
Ursula Schregel has a background in art history and interior designer. She lived for more than 20 years in France and now today, lives in
Germany near Cologne.

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